What is a “Brand”? + 4 DIY Tips

So What’s a Brand, Anyways?

If you were to ask 10 people what they think a brand is, I can almost guarantee that at least 6 of those people would say something along the lines of “logo”.

When you Google “What is a Brand”, you see that up pops over 668 MILLION results! And I am not exaggerating when I say that over 489 million of those results have the word “logo” on them.


*Pro Tip: Using “quotations” in google search will return only results with that exact phrase found within the page/article/download.

A brand is not just one singular item. In short, a brand is the overall feeling and experience that a client or customer has with a particular business or person.

What Goes Into a Brand?

A ridiculous amount of boring things go into this (boring, unless you’re a designer or marketer) including: color selection(s), font size, tone of voice, copy (all text that communicates with client), all imagery used (logo mark, icons, characters), borders, etc. (As I said, it can get boring if you’re not into this sorta thing).

However, before you think it’s not for you or your business, let me first be clear; I may have just bore you with all of those details, but these minor things are SO important to your business’s over-all “vibe”.

Implementing these boring things correctly will lead to some very exciting outcomes. Neglecting to take the leap  for may lead to heart-breaking results for you and your business. This does not have to happen. With knowledge comes the power to make change!

As an entrepreneur, I know how much time, effort, and dedication goes into your business. I can no longer stand on the side lines watching business after business stay at the same “just starting out” status year after year. It’s heartbreaking!

Something here needs to change. Something needs to be done. Your business’s “brand”, your business’s “vibe” needs to directly reflect the same exact bad-ass qualities that your customers experience with you time after time.

I will always highly encourage you to go for it! To do it! Just step out of that cycle, and get these things done! Please don’t wait to “become big” in order to establish your brand. Do it now. Do it yesterday! Your clients and customers will be pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and increase in customer experience; all by implementing a solid, consistent brand.

4 DIY Branding Tips

  1. Simple Logos

    1. Logos need to be visually pleasing at a large scale, and readable on a tiny scale. For example, logos may need to be printed on something large, such as a billboard, the side of a truck, or a large banner. Logos also needs to be able to be made small, such as on a pen or pencil, or an app icon.
  2. Color Scheme

    1. Do some color psychology research. Understand how consumers react to colors, and how colors play a part in marketing. (Depending on your personality, you may highly enjoy this…such as I do!)
    2. Pick some colors. Make sure to include a few primary and a few secondary colors for ideal contrast and increased usability and versatility.
    3. Once you have decided your color scheme, stick to it all the time, through out everything.
  3. Patterns & Borders

    1. Decide on a specific pattern (up to 5), and a specific border (no more than 3)
    2. Use them where it seems appropriate, and use them consistently. Ensure the patterns and borders do not interfere with the way they interact with other elements of your brand (text color choice, background color choice, etc.)
    3. Implement, implement, and repeat. You should avoid using any other borders or patterns besides the ones you decided upon. This will help to ensure that your brand becomes recognizable for your client(s)/customer(s).
  4. “Re-Branding”

    1. I highly encourage business owners to “re-brand” as in-frequently as possible. When you “re-brand” your business, you are in essence completely changing the entire feel of your business. Re-branding also make it very hard to recognize your business as things appear so differently.
    2. When it is time to re-brand, put a lot of time and effort into it. It can be very costly to have to re-make or re-print business cards, t-shirts, envelopes, stamps, contracts, etc. When you re-brand your business. You should literally be touching every single piece of collateral and every asset that you have. If you happen to re-brand too early, or without the proper knowledge or help, it can be a train-wreck attempting to get everything sorted out.
    3. Gather all of your facts, research, knowledge, experience, and dreams together. Once you have gathered it all, then you are ready to re-brand your business. Ensure you know where you want to be in the next 5-10 years to ensure you won’t have to re-brand your business in the near future.

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