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As a branding, marketing and website firm, Thelmosity’s mission is to actively produce professional websites and graphic designs for our clients in a way that allows each client’s ideas, objectives, goals, and dreams to be beautifully stitched together by the creative, and passionate designer behind Thelmosity, Stacy Barnes.

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For Your Small Business!

I  pride myself on working with many different companies. A few examples of the types of businesses that I have worked with include non-profits, promotional product companies, legal firms, window tint shops, and of course

At Thelmosity, my clients see me as their Business’s Team Mom (BTM). I like to see myself as a mini Website Firm. I am like the Team Mom on your child’s sport’s team. You know, the one who makes sure that all of the kids are hydrated, they all have snacks afterwards (whether she brings them herself, or delegates the snack duties to other parents). She also can’t help but cheer for each child on the team as if s/he was her own flesh and blood. (Hey, YOU could be the exact team mom I’m referring to).

Well I am your personal Business’s Team Mom (BTM). I make sure that each and every marketing penny that you spend, and every marketing second you put into your business gets the most bang for your buck. I crave the unique challenge of stitching together each client’s dreams and objectives to create a beautifully-finished piece that is not only unique and personalized, but actually turns those lookie-loos on your website into actual customers and clients!

My BTM and website firm skill set consists of graphic design, website design and development, editing specifically for content optimization (SEO), and social media marketing. From my memorable logos to my client-inducing websites, my love for graphics design and internet marketing is apparent in each of my projects produced through Thelmosity, a branding, marketing and website firm.

Last but not least, my desire to help others and my love for website design, has combined to create a wonderful foundation for my company, Thelmosity.

You can learn more about how I can help you improve your total net income by simply bringing your overall visual and online presence up to 2017 by reading about our services.

Thelmosity’s Mission

Thelmosity, a branding, marketing and website firm, was started because in my day to day lives of browsing multiple websites, I realized that there are many Small Business Owners whose website does not reflect the beauty of their business. I have seen everything from simple typos and grammatical errors to major coding and information errors. We have also encountered business related documents, including websites, printed articles, website articles, marketing emails, and even business cards and huge signs! Don’t feel embarrassed if this is you…..there is hope! (even I have a personalized 404-error page ready for silly errors!)

There are many reasons why this happens:

  • You do not posses all of the appropriate knowledge or skill (Your knowledge and skill are in a completely different area, or even industry!)
  • You do not have the time to manage all of you online presence (Let’s face it, there is a lot: website, social media, online marketing, email marketing, etc.)
  • You do not have the capability to pay 10s of thousands of dollars for a functional website from a well known and reputable website, firm, or designer.

That is exactly where Thelmosity comes in!

I aim to provide cost-effective, yet beautiful websites and designs that your clients, your customers, and your family will LOVE. Each Business has its own objective, just like a Website has its own objective!

I am dedicated to providing the following

  • Small Business – Budget Friendly
  • Personalized attention & care that exceeds your expectations!
  • Professional and friendly approach – let me know if we get too personal!  😉 

Thelmosity’s Initial Approach

When I first start working with someone, I always like to start by asking a simple, yet wide-open question: What are you looking to achieve?

As I start discussing your answer, I will be taking notes so that I am able to refer back to what your main objectives are. Then, I allow your needs, wants, goals, and desires to intertwine with my experience, expertise, and creativity.

What is the next step?

To get started, you may select the link below that best resembles your current train of thought, or you may search around the website! Don’t forget to reach out to me with any questions!

I know what I want. Get er done!

I am still trying to decide what I want.

Thelmosity, huh? What’s that?

I need details and prices. What do you think this is?